The Cool Kids – Before Shit Got Weird (Review)

Legends of a bygone era, The Cool Kids return as a group to craft one of the most fun records of the year. Interlaced with skits that feel either like a movie or GTA radio ad, the album spans twenty-one tracks & takes you on a wild ride throughout their world. Packed with features, the pacing never falters. It always manages to keep fresh any time it seems to start to slow down.

Our intro “In The Mix” does an amazing job of kicking things off, sounding ethereal but still keeping that bounce Chuck Inglish’s production brings to the table. The final verse is a highlight just for being able to be wildly vivid within each line. Sir Michael Rocks & Inglish’s playful energy is effortless, with their presence on the mic exuding coolness.

Their playful energy hits a pinnacle on “I’m Coming Over There.” Chuck’s beat feels blown out on the low end creating one of the hardest tracks here. Michael Rocks’ hook is hilariously demanding & childlike, as if seeing his first luxury place. Along with the help of Guapdad 4000, the trio drops imagery that constructs one of the perfect places in existence.


A track here that feels like it takes you back to their days of glory though is “Triumph Pt. 2.” Employing Don Cannon to start the track off, who notoriously did his drops throughout the Gone Fishing mixtape, immediately hypes everything up. While the track is packed with bars about modern scenarios, like crypto & people’s GoFundMes, the production & flows feels exactly like their older material. Also seeing a feature from Pac Div, it makes for a song that would feel just as in place as any of their other material.

The entire tracklist here feels like a breathe of fresh air, truly tapping into what made the acts that came up during the blog era of hip hop special. Always being able to tap into the fun aspects of hip hop, yet still packing full of bars & unique production. The Cool Kids effort proves it wasn’t just a moment in time, but they themselves will continue to make special music for many more years to come.

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