The Holocaust & American Poets 2099 New Album “Theatre of Pain” Re-Releasing October 21st

Originally released in 2009, The Holocaust & American Poets 2099 album will be seeing a re-release in 2023. Titled Theatre of Pain, the album will release October 21st. Features on the album will include 60 Second Assassin, Boot Face, Weapon-X and more.

  1. Stand
  2. Sayanora Blues (ft. Ace Gauntlit)
  3. Punch Your Face In
  4. Thursday
  5. Fancy Boxing (ft. Judah Priest, Dungeon Masta, Storm Da Ghetto Mutant)
  6. Dark Stormz (ft. Boot Face & Weapon-X)
  7. Chamber of Poets (ft. Ace Gauntlit, Fes Taylor, Phil Anastasia, G.S. Advance)
  8. Nas Diss
  9. Introducing Chaos (ft. 60 Second Assassin, Buddha Monk, Dopestyle, Jus-P)
  10. Rebel Hip Hop (ft. Dopestyle & Timbo King)
  11. Gun Grave
  12. Lost Scrolls of Atlantis (ft. C-Rayz Walz, Atlantis Scrolls, G-Clef da Mad Composa)
  13. Sharp Splinters (ft. Weapon-X & Dopestyle)
  14. Rusted Hearts (ft. White Lotus)
  15. Hounds (ft. Dopestyle)
  16. Gun Sword (ft. Ace Gauntlit, Atlantis Scrolls, G-Clef da Mad Composa, Watt)
  17. Cold Hearted Orb (ft. Dopestyle)
  18. Cleopatra (ft. Atlantis Scrolls & King Just)
  19. What Are You Walking?
  20. What Can the Matter Be (Remix)
  21. Domination (Bonus Track) [ft. Irie-1 & Mic Moses]
  22. Gun Grave Pt. 2 (ft. Rubbabandz & Solomon Childs) [Bonus Track]

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

From the Bandcamp description:

American Poets 2099 for those that already know is West Coast Hip-Hop group that have been making noise for awhile now. The most prominent members being idiosyncratic legends named Holocaust (Warcloud) from the Wu-Tang family tree. Filling out the crew are Pro the Leader, who since he was young, has been known as the central protege of Holocaust, along with his partner in crime Nova-Kane, Bootface, Atlantis Scrolls, and Ace Gauntlit, Anti The Decimator, and as the collective grew to include Masta of Ceremoniez.

As the movement grew they adopted allies across the pond called Mysterious from the United Kingdom and later paired up with School of the Gifted as, not forgetting groups within the collective and more.

To celebrate the AP2099 movement, BSOM will be releasing all their catalogues to date including unreleased, up coming, rare and more. Be on the look out for the very and possible last project of the collective this December.

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