The Rotation (20 August 2023)

Welcome to The Rotation! Every week we drop a few albums that our writers have been bumping the most so that we can share our thoughts on stuff we might not get to review otherwise – Whether it be fresh drops, throwbacks, or underground gems.

Smokingskul – The Skul Effect

Smokingskul isn’t for the average listener. Abrasive in every sense of the word, Smokingskul hits the listener with some of the most aggressive flows & lyrics imaginable. While his earlier music felt completely erratic, the first five or so songs actually feel slightly cleaner & more constructed than usual. Unfortunately, that completes falls apart afterward back into his old ways.

Squillo – Venom

Now if you thought Smokingskul was abrasive, Squillo basically is off the Ritcher. Squillo’s music manages to be even more blown out, aesthetically giving the feeling of early XXXTENTACION tracks with much more off-kilter flows. Smokingskul’s sound seems to be slightly cleaning up, but Squillo’s music moves in the complete opposite direction.

Auto32 – Greenhouse

Falling into the plugg genre, Auto32 teams up with prodmygod for a full release. Songs are short but never overstay their welcome, letting Auto32 melodically glide through the vibrant production. Perfectly complimenting each other, him & prodmygod make for a constantly replayable project.

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