The Rotation (31 January 2022)

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Welcome to The Rotation! Every week we drop a few albums that our writers have been bumping the most so that we can share our thoughts on stuff we might not get to review otherwise – Whether it be fresh drops, throwbacks, or underground gems.

Rucci – For My Dawgz 2 (Fresh)

Straight outta Inglewood, Rucci is very much a member of the Bay Area neo-hyphy movement that’s thriving lately. With bouncy, G Funk inspired trap beats and unconventional flows, the scene is a much brighter interpretation of such a tough sound. Rucci’s newest, For My Dawgz 2, is among the better projects to come out of the Bay recently. He has a penchant for hooks and this is just some shit you can ride to. Stand outs like “That’s Norf pt. 2” and “Medulla Oblongota” just bleed charism. Lastly, RIP Drakeo, and shout out Ralfy the Plug who just dropped the equally nice Pastor Ralfy 2.

Listen to For My Dawgz 2 on Spotify

Marco Plus – Tha Souf Got Sum 2 Say (2021)

Marco Plus is a true hidden gem to anyone looking for more traditional sounding Southern hiphop. Nowadays its all about trap and there really aren’t many artists left emulating the old country sound of Outkast, Scarface, Goodie Mob, etc. (Lukah and Grip deserve recognition, as well as the more obvious Big KRIT, Isaiah Rashad, JID, etc). Marco Plus puts that influence on full display with Tha Souf Got Sum 2 Say while translating it to a rough concept. He spends a lot of time putting on for his home while also speaking on the social ills and rough come up in Atlanta. It is most reminiscent of Isaiah Rashad’s very lowkey and infectious style, but with some quality bars. If nothing else, Marco just wants recognition both for himself and the music that made him.

Listen to Tha Souf Got Sum 2 Say on Spotify

King Von – Welcome to O’Block (2020)

In case you haven’t noticed, we listen to a lot of drill here at Anywhere the Dope Go. King Von, taken from us too early, put out some of the very best from Chicago even in his short career. Alongside LeVon James, Welcome to O’Block will likely go down as a drill essential. With lots of variety – from melodic cuts to stupid bangers – and a concise tracklist, it really is just a very enjoyable listen. Von was one of the best storytellers in the scene and he always poured a lot of emotion into his work. “Armed & Dangerous”, “All These N—-z” with Lil Durk, and “How It Go” are standouts.

Listen to Welcome to O’Block on Spotify

Curren$y & The Alchemist – Covert Coup (2011)

With news of their next collab album Continuance dropping in February, this was the perfect chance to return to Spitta and Alc’s past work. Carrolton Heist, while phenomenal, doesn’t quite have the cult classic status that their first outing does. Covert Coup, over only 25 minutes, builds up such a distinct vibe which Curren$y matches perfectly; Early in his career, he had an even stronger mic presence and straight up bars. Alc’s beats here are definitely his signature sound and as a whole project, it is among his best work. They are all dark and could soundtrack an underground crime syndicate meeting. Features like Prodigy and Freddie Gibbs kill it as well.

Listen to Covert Coup on Spotify

Three 6 Mafia – When the Smoke Clears (2000)

Among Triple 6’s vast, consistent discography, When the Smoke Clears is arguably their greatest classic. While Mystic Sytlez and World Domination might have revolutionized horrorcore and trap, or Most Known Unknown‘s huge popularity and crunk influence, it is this album which bridged that gap. When the Smoke Clears has a nice balance of their ultra violent, dark specialties, alongside such danceable and fun sounds. On top of that, it is just full of quality bangers and is super consistent (even at more than an hour in length, there are hardly any skips). An all star southern lineup and the all time classic “Sippin on Some Syrup” make When the Smoke Clears possibly the greatest Memphis album ever.

Listen to When the Smoke Clears on Spotify

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