The Worst Hip Hop Albums in 2022

Despite being a phenomenal year for hip hop, there was some misses. Here we’ll list out the worst of the worst.

#50. TyFontaine – B4BMG: The Experience

Listen to B4BMG: The Experience on Spotify

#49. Rowdy Rebel – Rebel vs. Rowdy

Listen to Rebel vs. Rowdy on Spotify

#48. iLoveMakonnen – Summer ’22

Listen to Summer ’22 on Spotify

#47. Ramirez – The Tragedy of a Clown

Listen to The Tragedy of a Clown on Spotify

#46. Sheek Louch – Gorillaween 4

Listen to Gorillaween 4 on Spotify

#45. Termanology – Rapping With My Friends

Listen to Rapping With My Friends on Spotify

#44. Yungeen Ace – Survivor of the Trenches

Listen to Survivor of the Trenches on Spotify

#43. Cappadonna – Da Illage

Listen to Da Illage on Spotify

#42. LE$ – 3 Series

Listen to 3 Series on Spotify

#41. Westside Gunn – Peace “Fly” God

Listen to Peace “Fly” God on Spotify

#40. Juicy J & Pi’erre Bourne – Space Age Pimpin

Listen to Space Age Pimpin on Spotify

#39. SeptembersRich – September N September

Listen to September N September on Spotify

#38. IDK – Simple.

Listen to Simple. on Spotify

#37. Jelly & Pi’erre Bourne – The Wolf of Peachtree 2

Listen to The Wolf of Peachtree 2 on Spotify

#36. SoFaygo – B4Pink

Listen to B4Pink on Spotify

#35. David Shawty – Psycho Nitemare (Creepypasta Love Story)

Listen to Psycho Nitemare (Creepypasta Love Story) on Spotify

#34. Dro Kenji – With or Without You

Listen to With or Without You on Spotify

#33. David Shawty – MyRoom

Listen to MyRoom on Spotify

#32. Boobie Lootaveli – Life on Our Terms

Listen to Life on Our Terms on Spotify

#31. Yelawolf & Shooter Jennings – Sometimes Y

Listen to Sometimes Y on Spotify

#30. Soulja Boy – First to Do It

Listen to First to Do It on Spotify

#29. Soulja Boy – Soulja Stars

#28. Lil Crank & 645AR – New Beginnings

Listen to New Beginnings on Spotify

#27. Ken Carson – Xtended

Listen to Xtended on Spotify

#26. Soulja Boy – Soulja World 2

Listen to Soulja World 2 on Spotify

#25. Soulja Boy – Big Draco 3

#24. Troy Ave – The 2022 Season

Listen to The 2022 Season on Spotify

#23. Canibus – One Step Closer to Infinity

Listen to One Step Closer to Infinity on Spotify

#22. Since99 – 99 Overall 2

Listen to 99 Overall 2 on Spotify

#21. 645AR & SenseiATL – Unorthodox

#20. Cordae – From a Birds Eye View

Listen to From a Birds Eye View on Spotify

#19. Joell Ortiz & KXNG Crooked – Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse

Listen to Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse on Spotify

#18. Duwap Kaine – Kaine’s Diary

Listen to Kaine’s Diary on Spotify

#17. Taylor Gang – G Rage

Listen to G Rage on Spotify

#16. Charles Hamilton – Hypergoth

Listen to Hypergoth on Spotify

#15. Duwap Kaine – Warning B4 Destruction

Listen to Warning B4 Destruction on Spotify

#14. Troy Ave – New York City the Movie

Listen to New York City the Movie on Spotify

#13. Joey Trap – No Time To Die

Listen to No Time To Die on Spotify

#12. Duwap Kaine – Family Guy

Listen to Family Guy on Spotify

#11. Casey Veggies – Crypto Veggies

Listen to Crypto Veggies on Spotify

#10. Vic Mensa – Vino Valentino

Listen to Vino Valentino on Spotify

#9. Cappadonna – Slow Motion

Listen to Slow Motion on Spotify

#8. Duwap Kaine – A Dogg’s Influence

Listen to A Dogg’s Influence on Spotify


Listen to ReBIRTH on Spotify

#6. Smokingskul – Smoke Carter

Listen to Smoke Carter on Spotify

#5. Smokingskul & boolymon – Bicephaly

#4. DaBaby – Baby on Baby 2

Listen to Baby on Baby 2 on Spotify

#3. 2nd Generation Wu – The Legend of Shaolin

Listen to The Legend of Shaolin on Spotify

#2. Zack Fox – Wood Tip

Listen to Wood Tip on Spotify

#1. Troy Ave – The Sunday Service

Listen to The Sunday Service on Spotify

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