Thouxanbanfauni – TTB Thouxanban Taliban (Review)

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Thouxanbanfauni music was some of the most definitive of the mid-2010s SoundCloud era. Its extremely likely that if you were on the site during that time, any song you had played might’ve autoplayed into “Deep in the Drank” or “Wish the Worst.” His music is some of the most underrated from that time, as some of the projects he released are the most consistent you can find. As much as contemporaries like Carti have eclipsed him, Carti never released anything as strong as Requiem.

Thouxanbanfauni – Fully Automatic Stick

This being said, this project is one of his weakest to date. Thouxanbanfauni’s music has never been big on collaborations outside of his work with UnoTheActivist, and this project highlights why. Working with his own personal circle, its a project filled with bloat. Its a struggle to get through, as none of them have the level of talent as Fauni.

You feel this on every song, as even the opener its apparently which way this is going to go. “TTB 3400” starts with a classic Fauni beat, and then Mac McLean comes on completely killing the vibe. A performance that’s completely slurred & off beat, Fauni just barely saves the day with the final verse. This issue runs throughout the entire project, as every feature underperforms.

Its clear the fault is on these newer features too. The three songs UnoTheActivist feel as strong as ever, not only providing stylistically different production, but as the duo has immaculate chemistry. Fauni on the other songs feels like an afterthought, but Uno & Fauni together clearly are trying to make something great. Uno’s vibrato on “Drastic Measures” highlights his heartbroken lyrics, and pairs with Fauni’s cold yet transparent lyrics beautifully. Meanwhile, “RRR” feels like a more standard flex track between the two. Uno’s melodies blending into Fauni’s fashion flexes is subtle & executed perfectly.

Thouxanbanfauni – Drastic Measures (ft. UnoTheActivist)

These moments are lacking from the rest of the tape. You don’t feel these moments with Lite Fortunato, Masidot, Tivafox. This isn’t to say Fauni should work only with Uno, Clairvoyance has plenty of great collabs on it, but what’s brought together here feels like a waste of talent. Fauni’s verses are solid, but get muddied by these poor features. As its clear he couldn’t even bring out the best in them, we can only hope another one of these doesn’t come together.

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