Tony Shhnow 2022 Recap Playlist

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Tony Shhnow’s ability to twist & bend genres to his will is nothing short of impressive. Taking up the sounds of plugg, but never shying from boom bap or truthfully any other subgenre of hip hop, make him quite unique. Lacing each track with his own flow, he constantly makes every track his own.

Slow Crash [Kill Streak 2 (Deluxe)]

Quickly following up the original version of Kill Streak 2, he dropped a deluxe within 2022. Sharing the original tracks that were already perfect, the new additions created a more full feeling to the album. Seeing the return of Grimm Doza on production, he brings a new selection of jazzy instrumentals to the tracklist like you can see on tracks like “Slow Crash.”

Show U [Reflexions]

Reflexions might be his most encompassing work to date. Embracing the sounds of plugg, older trap sounds with OJ Da Juiceman, insanely hype tracks that recall the late-10s Soundcloud scene with “Park My Car,” its all here. All fresh production from a variety of producers lets Tony let loose on every track.

Tony’s World (INTRO) [PHATTONY II]

Linking back up with DJ Phat for a short EP, the four tracks are seamless. Hypnotic instrumentals & hustler talk sees Tony perfectly comfortable in his zone. Unfortunately never hitting streaming services, the tape can be found in full on soundcloud.

Today Freestyle [SHADOWBANNED]

Hosted by DJBanned & DJGREN8DE, Tony quickly dropped another tape that sees him on his Lil Wayne steez. Taking up all the popular instrumentals of the year, everything from Lucki to Kodak Black to Ice Spice to Steve Lacey, he tackles every hot beat of the year. Applying the plugg flow to the tracks adds a new dimension to the tracks, making them his own off the flow alone. Full tape can be found on Soundcloud.

CAN’T SAY IM BROKE [Plug Motivation]

Hosted once again by DJ Yung Rel, Tony Shhnow seeks out to put the plugg spin on the anthemic blueprint laid by rappers like Jeezy on TM101. Filled with DJ tags & rewinds, but still maintaining the glamorous production that plugg is known for, Tony spits all kinds of game to those truly listening.

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