Tory Lanez & McDonald’s – An Analysis

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Tory Lanez has had a fairly lengthy career spanning a total of thirty projects, and plenty more singles & loosies throughout his career. Repeat bars or themes are bound to come up, but one that seems to come up often for Tory is an odd one: McDonald’s. The fast food brand has a long history of embracing the sound of hip hop, even using Clipse for a performance of their jingle, but not many share as many bars of their memories of the brand like Tory Lanez. Here we have a total of nine examples, but considering Tory’s deep discography, there’s bound to be some missing.

Tory Lanez – Super Freaky (ft. Rick Ross)

Down to eat McDonald’s, we don’t do Phillipes

Tory Lanez – For Real (Prod. Droc x Tory Lanez x Play Picasso)

No, I don’t do McDonald’s, nigga

Tory Lanez – The Fargo Splash (feat. Ludacris)

Down to go for Wendy’s, McDonald’s chicken fries, thickest thighs

Tory Lanez – The 5 Fingers of Death (Sway’s Universe)

My McDonald’s order is a Litty McSpicy

Tory Lanez – Honda Civic (Prod. by D33J)

Nigga probably wouldn’t eat If it wasn’t for you workin’ at the Micky D’s real late 

Tory Lanez – Loners Blvd (Produced by
Ben Free, DJ Dahi & Noah Breakfast)

Took the last dollar that I had for this dream And I spent it on some 99 cents Micky D’s

Tory Lanez – Look How GOD Works

Broke in Mickey D’s so we had to split some fries

Tory Lanez – Grandma’s Crib (Lost Cause)

Went from workin’ down at Mickey D’s To eatin’ out at the Ruth Chris 

Tory Lanez – Perfect Time

That’s what I used to duck this bitch I fucked from Mickey D’s

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