Troy Ave 2022 Recap Trash List

Usually we use the Recap Playlist format to highlight artists’ careers throughout a given year. However, in the case of Troy Ave, he deserves the opposite. With another year of pointless material, we’ll take a look at some of his… moments….

Nauseous or Dead Interlude [The 2022 Season]

On a tape that is barely an album, its runtime is about 24 minutes across 11 tracks with 4 minutes dedicated to skits, he felt the need to highlight a moment from his Breakfast Club interview. Criticizing the death of Angie Martinez friend for stopping their medication & consequentially taking their own life, he decided to turn it into a skit on his album. Why? Who knows but its gross.

The Sunday Service Interlude [THE SUNDAY SERVICE]

Hinted at on his last album, he dropped a Christian album. After asking on socials for multiple years to use the art of his 2016 shooting, he finally found an excuse to use it. Teaming with Pastor Rema Duncan, whose favorite book is fittingly the Art of the Deal, they team up to release one of the most half-assed Christian releases in quite awhile.

Backyard Freestyle [New York City The Movie]

Releasing a “movie” on the Worldstar Youtube channel, the highest purveyor of cinema, Troy Ave released an album alongside it. Don’t let that fool you though, its another half-assed release. Tracks like “Backyard Freestyle” sound like the background audio of a Snapchat video, with some of the most struggle rapper level bars you can think of.

White Christmas 10 Talk [White Christmas 10]

Another installment into his White Christmas series, 10 is nowhere near as strong as his previous installments. As is tradition though, he rants for a solid four minutes on the backend of the record. While its nowhere near as egregious as what he did on NuPac, where he notorious did this for thirty minutes, its not welcome here either.

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