Uncovering: Brian Fresco & Tree – SoulMoney EP

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Amongst the member’s of the Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa driven group SAVEMONEY, one member’s sound strayed from his contemporaries. Brian Fresco’s album Mafioso proved the group’s sound to not be so one-dimensional, featuring much heavier tracks than the rest of the group that were more inline with what the rest of Chicago was doing. It struck a great balance, tracks such as “I Meant It” & “Cannot Go” were just as good as other Chicago drill tracks that were coming out. Meanwhile, the same tape captured the exact sound that SAVEMONEY were known for; tracks such as “Steamer” have become staples amongst the group.

While streaming captures the majority of his work, with most of it being on streaming, it does not capture all of it. One of his strangest released saw a team up with another Chicago native, Tree. He was known for his off-kilter voice that still managed to be incredibly soulful, all while producing his own tracks. He branded this sound as Soul Trap, and there is no better name for it.

This saw Brian Fresco diverging from his sound & diving more into Tree’s style. The tape features a few features from Tree, but sees Brian Fresco doing more of an autotuned singing style. While the tape still is not available on streaming, and it previously wasn’t on YouTube, it has now been compiled into a playlist on YouTube. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. Take A Breath (ft. Christopher James [guitar])
  3. On My Soul
  4. Rose (ft. Tree)
  5. The Guys [Interlude] (ft. Sterling Hayes, Dally Auston, OG Big Lurch, Trell Folkz, & Lil James)
  6. Neva Had
  7. Smile Mo’ (ft. Tree)
  8. Bae
  9. My Niggas (ft. Tree)
  10. Some Day [Outro] (ft. Mama Allen, Thomas Mac, & Christopher James [guitar])

Brian Fresco & Tree – SoulMoney EP [Full Album]

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