Uncovering: Canibus – Training Ops

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Canibus career has been a long one of varying quality. Unfortunately, not all of his work has been available to stream on DSPs, such as his mixtapes. One such mixtape, Training Ops, is only available in a couple loose tracks on YouTube. Here we have compiled & reuploaded the tracks onto YouTube in a full playlist to be widely available. The tracklist follows as such:

  1. Tell the Truth
  2. Monsters
  3. The House of Slaughter
  4. Natural Born Skilla
  5. Where Evil Lurks
  6. The Bronze Man
  7. Return from Mecca
  8. Golden Ages
  9. I’m a Threat
  10. Magical Rap
  11. That’s It
  12. Apocalyptic Reinforcements
  13. Ammo Cans
  14. The Final Hour

Canibus – Training Ops

One user on the website RateYourMusic claims the tape is not an official release, stating that it was compiled by a CanibusCentral user.

While the tape may not be an official release, there are two tracks that are quite lengthy. Tracks “Monsters” & “The Final Hour” hit above the seven minute mark, making the bulk of the tapes thirty-eight minute run time. Rate the tape on RateYourMusic.

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