Uncovering: Hus Kingpin – The Cognac Tape

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NY rapper Hus Kingpin’s long & expansive career has covered over a decade of material. Within those years, many tapes have been released but not all have made it to streaming yet. Until that day, we have brought together The Cognac Tape onto YouTube for listening. Hosted by Roc Marciano, the tape spans 19 tracks. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. Boss Material (feat. Roc Marciano)
  3. Diamond Darts (feat. Rozewood)
  4. Is It A Crime (Remix) (feat. Ghostra Nostra)
  5. Nights
  6. Game of Life (feat. Marvelous Mag, Sepka Nitah)
  7. Fly Threads (feat. Ghostra Nostra)
  8. Pyramid Points (feat. Rozewood)
  9. Strive (Remix) (feat. Smoovth, Roc Marciano)
  10. Boss Material 2 (feat. Roc Marciano)
  11. Crazy Skills (feat. Sepka Nitah)
  12. Shadow Gravel
  13. Bars For DJ Mickey Knox
  14. Love Laws
  15. Is It A Crime (Original) (feat. Ghostra Nostra)
  16. Game of Life (Vans Cal Remix) [Bonus Track]
  17. High Rises (feat. Rozewood) [Bonus Track]
  18. Outro
  19. Pyramid Points (Khrysis Remix) [Bonus Track]

Hus Kingpin – The Cognac Tape [Full Album]

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