Uncovering: Martin $ky – Everywhere But Here

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Chicago Producer & rapper’s best tape still has not seemed to hit streaming. Despite his biggest song to date being on the tape, “Reach” with Saba, we still have not seen a proper release for the mixtape. In fact, the tape wasn’t available in full on YouTube either. Here we have brought the full tape on to YouTube, using the link provided by MixtapeMonkey.

Martin $ky – Everywhere But Here [Full Album]

The tracklist is as follows:

  1.  NO MORE TALKING (Prod. by Martin $ky)
  2. Do It For Us (Prod. by Martin $ky)
  3. Plug (Prod. by Martin $ky)
  4. Estate (ft. Rockie Fresh) (Prod. by Martin $ky)
  5. Reach (Prod. by Martin $ky)
  6. STAY UP 2015 (Prod. by Martin $ky) (co Prod. by Young Chop) 
  7. Mirror (Prod. by Martin $ky)
  8. Everywhere But Here (Prod. by Martin $ky)
  9. Undefeated (ft. Casey Veggies) (Prod. by Martin $ky)
  10. Red Shift (Prod. by Martin $ky)

Watch the music video for “Reach” ft. Saba

This mixtape remains one of the best of its kind. In the shockwave that Chicago brought to hip hop, so many artists seemingly overshadowed others. Martin $ky’s mixtape brought together a sound that was uniquely his own despite how many others had their own established sounds. His cold delivery his balanced perfectly against his self-produced bass driven production, with a distinctive taste in synth usage. Find more of our thoughts on the mixtape in our Throwback Thursday Review.

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