Uncovering: Ola Playa – Slime Season (Year of The Slime)

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Ola Playa’s only mixtape on streaming services is the 2019 The Trap Mamba. Although it might be the Atlanta rapper’s more consistent project due to full production done by Brodinski, the tape that got him off the ground was the 2014 mixtape Slime Season. While the tape existed on YouTube in out of order playlists & shoddy titles, the tape has been reuploaded to YouTube with proper tagging & ordering. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Slime Season Intro
  2. Luv My Slime (ft. Bloody Jay & Yung Mazi)
  3. My Blood Wit Me (ft. Dahego Young Slime)
  4. Snake Call Interlude
  5. Every Nigga Round Me (ft. Bloody Jay)
  6. S.L.I.M.E. (Ft. Young Thug)
  7. Slick 
  8. Cut Throat (ft. Gangsta Cody)
  9. Don’t Move (ft. Young Thug)
  10. Stuck In The Game (ft. Young Thug)
  11. All Kinda Drugs (ft. Bloody Jay & Young Thug)
  12. Friends and Foes (ft. Bloody Jay & Playa Fly)
  13. Cold Day (ft. Lady LV)
  14. Ride (ft. Cedar Street Slim, Cee-Low & Gangsta Cody)
  15. Ooooze 
  16. Just To Make It (ft. LiL’ Gang$ta)
  17. Feeling Myself (ft. Bloody Jay & Young Thug) 
  18. Triple Cross King (ft. Bloody Jay & Young Scooter) 

Ola Playa – Slime Season (Year of The Slime) [Full Album]

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