Uncovering: Tony Shhnow & Larryloudpack – ICE PACKS

Possibly one of the best in the underground, Georgia rapper Tony Shhnow has been on a hot streak for years. While the bulk of his work is available on streaming, one tape that has never hit streaming or even YouTube is ICE PACKS. A full collaboration with Larryloudpack, they team up for a full ten tracks. Hosted by DJYungRel & Popstar Benny, the 2018 tape highlights how far back Tony Shhnow’s talents really go. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. At Barneys (prod. by Ziti)
  2. Feeling Blue (prod. by j just the letter)
  3. Wrap It Up (prod. by BeatPluggTwo)
  4. School High (prod. by Popstar Benny)
  5. Can’t Fit (ft. Jantz & Pollari) (prod. by SaintNick + j just the letter)
  6. Priced Out (ft. 645AR) (prod. by Dolan Beats)
  7. Waste My Time (prod. by SenseiATL & j just the letter)
  8. Stuck (prod. by j just the letter)
  9. On Soul (prod. by SenseiATL)
  10. Cherry Pick (prod. by lookane)

Tony Shhnow & Larryloudpack – ICE PACKS [Full Album]

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