UnoTheActivist – Limbus 3 (Review)

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Carefully growing his catalog, UnoTheActivist decided he would end his career with the final album in the Limbus series. Whether he stays true to this is yet to be seen, but with the release of this new one, we get another competent release. Uno sees himself move once from the innovator to now a conformist.

This change isn’t a bad one, as it makes for a extremely easy listen if you’re well adjusted to the rage sound, but long gone are his innovative flows. While an album like 8 might not be his best, its easily his most interesting from a flow perspective. Songs like “Night Mode” with the most absurd inflections that payoff into a sound like no other, yet that is missing on this new album. This album sees him performing to a modern standard, rather than his own.

A song like “Not One of Dem,” which had been out as a single for quite awhile, sees him using flows normalized by contemporaries such as Carti. Along with a beat that sounds like it could have come from a Yeat album, the only thing that makes it his own is his own voice. It is undeniably an enjoyable listen, but its a far cry from what made Uno so much more unique than the others.

UnoTheActivist – Not One Of Dem

Something much more notable about this Limbus is the sound change. The previous albums in the series had a much darker, heavy approach to the music. A little more similar to something that could be seen in Lil Wop’s catalog. Here though, we get something closer to the sound of the Unoverse albums, as the sound falls closer to rage music. Purists of the series might be disappointed, but fans of the Unoverse albums will surely be surprised.

If this is truly the album Uno decides to end on, its fairly disappointing. Even as far as a rage release is concerned, Unoverse 3 feels vastly superior in its beat selection & flows. The samples that pop up on this add a bit of diversity to the production, but they’re too few. Out of context, this is a solid release. Within though, it makes for one of his least inspired releases yet.

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