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UnoTheActivist delivers not only the best of the Unoverse series but his best full project since Live.Shyne.Die.

UnoTheActivist’s 2021 has been quite an active one. The arrival of Unoverse 3 is not only the 3rd in this brand new series that started only this year, but the fourth album he’s dropped this year. That being said, the previous two Unoverses have been a bit disappointing. The first installment had moments of creativity that only someone like Uno can deliver, specifically on songs like Taco Bell. However, the rest of the project feels like a collection of tracks rather than something cohesive. Unoverse 2 feels even less coherent, grabbing even stranger, more abstract instrumentals.

Uno then delivers another project just a few months later with R’n’B singer Calabasas. Time to Live delivers a sound that hasn’t really been realized since Live.Shyne.Die, yet never quite reaching its highest. All this brings us to Unoverse 3, which delivers the best of both worlds. Uno’s flow never gets to quite the weirdness of his album 8, it instead leans more to the sounds he was playing with on Taco Bell. The beats feel like something you would hear from a Playboi Carti Hyperpop YouTube Remix, playing with some bright playful synths with an aggressive bass to keep it grounded.

Highlights are everywhere but one such is the track Weak Hoes. The synth feels like its constantly whirling upward, with Uno asking an age old question. Songs like The One, use a constant use of gated vocal samples to bring an otherworldly feel, with Uno giving off one of the most drugged out performances of the album. Other tracks like Purgatory 2 feel straight out of a video game, with Uno talking about killing his opps in a way only Uno can.

UnoTheActivist – Weak Hoes

Uno is able to deliver similar sounds for a full album without ever getting uninteresting or too weird. It can be easy to compare him to someone like Playboi Carti, but Uno works on another level entirely. A song like Sexy Energy probably would not sound too out of place on Whole Lotta Red, but Uno’s flow is unmatched. No one’s flow scratches that itch like Uno’s can. Due to this, no matter what his contemporaries are doing, he’ll always been in his own lane unmatched.

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