Vinnie Paz New Album “All Are Guests in the House of God” Releasing November 17th

Jedi Mind Tricks member Vinnie Paz will be releasing a new album in 2023. Titled All Are Guests in the House of God, the album will release November 17th. Features on the album include Freeway, Ransom, Saigon and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Drug Church (Produced by K-Nite 13)
  2. Oil Drums (ft. Freeway) [Produced by Leaf Dog]
  3. Koresh Babylon (Produced by Giallo Point)
  4. The Jungle Is a Shapeshifter (ft. Trxstworthy) [Produced by Wino Willy]
  5. 2000 Shot Barrage (Return of Hell’s Messenger) [Produced by C-Lance]
  6. Nero Caesar (ft. Smif-N-Wessun) [Produced by Farmabeats]
  7. Impaler (Produced by Vic Grimes for Crate Divizion) [Cuts by DJ 7L]
  8. Swift Chancellor (Produced by DJ Dister)
  9. Slow March to the Burial (ft. Ransom) [Produced by Vic Grimes for Crate Divizion]
  10. Peace Means Violence (ft. Saigon) [Produced by Stu Bangas]
  11. Terry Funk Ain’t Wear No Mouthpiece (Produced by Stu Bangas) [Cuts by DJ 7L]
  12. Yemeni Telephone Number (ft. Timbo King) [Produced by C-Lance]
  13. Balla Ejj (Produced by Danny Caiazzo)
  14. Beausoleil Wiretaps (ft. Lord Goat and ILL BILL) [Produced by PhD Beats]
  15. Praise the Witch (ft. Young Zee) [Produced by Eyeke Tyson]
  16. La Pulga (Produced by Young Bangas)
  17. Valentino Dueling Gloves (Produced by Leaf Dog)
  18. Murder Is an Artform (ft. Tha God Fahim and Blacastan) [Produced by C-Lance]


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