Warhol.SS – 3PEAT EP (Review)

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Warhol.SS is a name that alludes most. Somehow still underground despite so many years within the scene & plenty of cosigns, he continues to grow with each new release. This new release once again shows a somewhat stylistic change for him, as he strays further away from what he did on songs like “Speed Racer.”

Despite only being three songs, its a highly addictive listen. Starting with the bouncy “Mob Shit,” he speaks on all the guns he totes. Horns echo during the beat, and Warhol’s voice is lighter than that hit from years ago. He almost sounds like a new artist, but still manages to kill it on the track.

Tapping deeper into his Chicago roots, he raps over a sample of Kanye’s “Devil in a New Dress” off of the acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. While that original song had a glamorous sound to it, Warhol flips it to “I Hate N*****,” bringing a much more gritty feel to the track. Managing to flex his cars & guns throughout the track, he raps like its no tomorrow.

Warhol.SS – I Hate N*****

Meanwhile, the Babyface Ray assisted track “Deuce & Fanta” creates a sound that’s otherworldly. Detroit flows meeting Warhol’s Chicago style with production handled by BrentRambo make for a track like nothing else out. It sounds like nothing off of Babyface’s album Face, and it sounds nothing like Warhol’s Where’s Warhol 2. This team up manages to make a whole different sound. Constant drug & fashion flexes, they portray a world that people could only possibly dream about.

3Peat is a tape that’s short but straight to the point. It doesn’t overstay its welcome in any capacity & manages to lay the blueprint of more to come from him. This tape doesn’t show a clear direction, but that’s what makes his future career all the more exciting.

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