Wave Chapelle – The White Pack (Review)

Trigger Warning: Russ-core music

Wave Chapelle is a Milwaukee native that has been releasing EPs like crazy. His grind has been going on for years, and he strays from the apparent drill scene that is coming from the area. He is also signed to Yo Gotti’s label, a label that is fairly different sonically from Wave’s sounds. In every sense, he’s propped up to be a black sheep. Straying from the path no matter what the cost.

However the music doesn’t add up. Aesthetically and grind wise, he’s reminiscent of Russ. All the album arts he uses are slightly arts with popping colors, similar to what Russ will do on his single arts. Musically though, he’s a Dreamville imitator. Unlike other imitators like Mir Fontane, someone who has the the aesthetic of a Dreamville signee yet puts a spin on it with strong story telling and singing, Wave provides nothing.

The music sounds like store brand cereal without the milk. Dry. Rough. Unpleasant. For an artist that has music dating pre-2014, he’s someone that should be at the status of a veteran or hometown hero. Yet he doesn’t sound like it in the slightest. Every song sounds like a first year attempt, generic bars about how hard his grind has been. There’s no twist on any pre-established ideas. The most daring he gets is either doing a boom bap beat or a trap beat.

Maybe its unfair to judge a four song EP, one from a pile of many. Maybe there’s a great EP in the bunch, and this just wasn’t the one. Compared to many other artists that have released multiple albums this past year though, he doesn’t even come close. Nothing about his own personality shines, paired with a boring voice and flow doesn’t help either. There is no sense of self on this project, which would not excite any listener to continue with the other releases.

Yo Gotti might have made a mistake with this signing, wouldn’t have been the first time though.

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