What Happened to Navy Blue’s Saga of Sage: Quadrilogy?

In 2020, Navy Blue had dropped his critically acclaimed project Song of Sage: Post Panic! On the second year anniversary of the album, Navy Blue decided drop another three albums combined with that album. The other albums in this Quadrilogy were titled Gift of Gabriel: Rain’s Reign!, Crypt of Carlos: Onward!, Arc of Atreyu: Neverending!. The dropped had two different editions, with one being on vinyl & the other being on cassette. The vinyl edition had sold out almost immediately, and the cassette did shortly after as well.

A half year after the release, and none of these three albums have not hit any website. The series, titled Saga of Sage: Quadrilogy, now seems to either be in the hands of dedicated collectors or hardcore resellers. The cassette version was released for $90, and the vinyl version was priced at $260. Now you can find either edition for no less than $500, and upward of $10000 via seller sites like discogs.

Navy Blue – The Medium / Pillars

Those savvy enough can find that some tracks have been leaked online, but far from all of them. The entire tracklist between the three albums spans forty-two tracks, and only thirteen can be found online in varying audio quality. Tracks that are out there however, are easily some of his strongest work. If you are able to find them, its highly suggested you give them a listen.

A release like this does raise questions for many listeners. Something like Boldy James’ Adu, another vinyl only release, leaked online fairly quickly from its shipped date. That winds up as a win on multiple ends, those fans get access to a limited release, the artist makes their money. In the situation with this Navy Blue release, it spans a mini-market instead of impassioned listeners. This isn’t on the fault of the artist, they can’t truly control a secondary market around their product, but it does go to show what kind of audience their music brings. Wanted or not.

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