Will Sauce Walka & Daringer Have The Best Album This Year?

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Sauce Walka’s sound is so distinctly Texan, but he is always daring to push it in different directions. Al Rage Walka saw him embrace the Rage sound, Drill Spill took up the NY Drill sound, Sauce R&B saw him play with his singing abilities. While he’s been teasing a follow-up to his New York-centric tape for awhile, New Sauce City‘s sequel seems to finally be around the corner with new teasers coming out. Supposedly being produced by Griselda producer Daringer, one is to wonder how he will be able to tackle a project like this. Some tracks that have already been released paint us a picture of what this will be.

Dangerous Daringer

This is the track that truly set off the hype for the project. Here you get all the hallmarks of a Daringer beat, the simple loop but still creative in its usage, while also getting Sauce Walka’s beautifully high energy. Its a performance that’s ridiculously infectious, while still staying incredibly vivid in its story telling.

R.I.P. Buddy

While not an original Daringer production, this one is a remix of Westside Gunn’s track RIP Bobby, Sauce Walka makes it his own. With his energy running on all cylinders, he drops a detailed image of hood life in a singular verse.

Westside Gunn – Lakers vs Rockets

Acting as a feature on Westside Gunn’s song, we see Sauce Walka kill another track in a similar vein. It may not be a Daringer production, this one being produced by DJ Muggs, but it shows off how Sauce commands every track he’s on with just his voice. Littered with pimping bars, he lists his methods to making it in life from nothing to luxury.

Westside Gunn – Westheimer

Teaming up with multiple people in the Griselda lane, this time with Stove God Cooks, Westside Gunn & Boldy James, we get to see how Sauce blends amongst some of the best of the scene. As Sauce steals the show as usual, the track gets to be named after the Westheimer Road in Houston.

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