Will the “Deep Voice” Be the New Wave in Hip Hop?

When Travis Scott’s Utopia had released, none of the features had been revealed on streaming services. So when listeners got to the track “FE!N,” a lot of questions came up of who is on the verse after Travis. Some people flat out did not know, some assumed it was one of the members of the label Opium’s group Homixide Gang; specifically Beno. Those that had been following Playboi Carti closely could deduce that it was him, but until that moment Carti had not revealed that voice & flow on an official release.

Travis Scott – FE!N (ft. Playboi Carti)

Unknowingly to most people that don’t follow leaks or snippets, Carti had been playing with the new voice. Snippets like “ALL RED” could easily be mistaken for Future, but the lyrics still point back to Carti. One of the more notable appearances of this voice would’ve been on Trippie Redd’s album Mansion Musik on the intro, but as usual with the case of Carti features it never saw the light of day officially. While most of these performances appeared within low-quality leaks, there had been some near CD-quality leaks like “Wicked Killers,” making it clear it wasn’t just a one-off.

Playboi Carti – ALL RED (remastered) prod. Adam Wiseman

Playboi Carti – Mansion Musik Verse

Playboi Carti – Wicked Killers

Those that had assumed the feature on “FE!N” was one of the members of Homixide Gang were unfortunately wrong, but they came to the conclusion with good reason. A primary feature of duo is their erratic flows & aggression, and while both Homixide Beno & Meechie do this, Beno’s voice align closer with the deepness Carti had performed on that track. It could be assumed that Carti had been inspired from his own labelmates, but who’s to say.

Homixide Gang – Uzi Work

Homixide Gang – Lifestyle

Among the storm of hype that came with Travis Scott’s Utopia, Memphis artist YTB Fatt had accused Carti of stealing his flow. While fans of Carti were quick to dismiss this, Fatt wasn’t wrong either. He may had not released an album at the time yet, but had been rapping since 2019, signing with Moneybagg Yo’s label Bread Gang Ent. in 2022. YTB Fatt had clearly mastered the style, and there doesn’t seem to be another artist with that style that predates him.

YTB Fatt – In My City

If this wasn’t enough, a new leak of Trippie Redd doing this so-called “Deep Voice” had appeared. The leak, titled “Pop My Shit,” sees Trippie attempting this style against an abrasive rage-style beat. Its interesting how this entire discussion could have started months early if the verse for Trippie’s album had released, and now its become a full circle moment where even Trippie is trying out the sound.

Trippie Redd – Pop My Shit (leak)

Its hard to say if this “Deep Voice” will catch on in the mainstream but Carti has proven to be quite the innovator as well. People completely dismissed the “Baby Voice” he did on the album Die Lit, but we’re still hearing that style to this very day. Clearly other artists hear promise in this style as well, Moneybagg Yo signed YTB Fatt for a reason. It may be too early to say, but to watch this style’s growth and development will be an exciting one.

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