Wun Two New Album “Hawaii & Snow” Releases July 19th

German producer Wun Two another new solo album in 2024. Titled Hawaii & Snow, the album will release July 19th. The album’s sole feature will be from BluntOne.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. bedlam
  2. demitasse
  3. fez
  4. jalopy
  5. syzygy
  6. ulu
  7. mufti
  8. mona
  9. torio
  10. halcyon
  11. derecho
  12. xyloid
  13. zephyr (ft. BluntOne)
  14. oepap
  15. yohenice
  16. uniped

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

From the Bandcamp description:

Your favorite toucan is approaching your neighborhood with hyper speed. Legend Wun Two is blessing us with an LP of unreleased beats from his analog MPC era of 2013-2014. The album is called Hawaii & Snow – some of the OGs might remember this from SoundCloud, but most of the beats are unheard and simply put – crazy dope.

The vinyl release will contain 4 beats that won’t be available on digital platforms, or anywhere else besides wax, just so we empower the culture of real heads & vinyl lovers as well. It is available in limited edition black & snow-white vinyl.

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