Wun Two New EP “Fruta Dorada” is Releasing February 24th

Prolific producer Wun Two is returning to release another EP February 24th. Already following up a release from January 13th, titled Snow Vol. 7, this new release is much smaller at five tracks. Usually releasing multiple albums in a year, we can expect this to be the first of many.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. dorada
  2. gonzo
  3. moldi
  4. cadaverin
  5. zement

From the bandcamp pre-order:

After releasing the singles ‘gonzo’ and ‘dorada’, Wun Two is finally revealing his EP ‘fruta dorada’. Wrapped in chill hip hop beats with subtle synths notes from time to time, the atmosphere of this new project could hardly be described as simply relaxing: it is also mysterious and, somehow, unexpected.

Pre-order on Bandcamp available now

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