X-Raided New Album “A Prayer in Hell” Releasing June 2nd

On the third release of the year, X-Raided returns with a proper Strange Music label release. While the other two were still under his own label Bloc Star Evolution, this one will be releasing under the Strange Music, being the first since his signing. Being a sixteen track album, features will be from the likes of Tech N9ne, Ras Kass, King Iso, Playboi Prada, Bleezo, A-Wax, Yowda & Joey Cool.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. A Prayer in Hell
  2. Return of the Living Dead
  3. Life Sentences
  4. To Whom It May Concern
  5. Stratus Fear (ft. Tech N9ne)
  6. Any Challenger (ft. Ras Kass)
  7. Legendary (ft. King Iso)
  8. Knoccin (ft. Playboi Prada & Bleezo)
  9. No1 is Safe
  10. Celebration (ft. A-Wax)
  11. Blaxploitation
  12. Villians in the Field (ft. Yowda)
  13. Parasitic
  14. The Bridge (ft. Joey Cool)
  15. Kal-El
  16. Many Apologies

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