Yeat – Lyfë (Review)

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After his legendary 2021 run of albums, Yeat’s 2022 hasn’t been quite as strong. His 2021 albums saw a massive upgrade from the earlier material, everything from the production being more bombastic to his vocal abilities becoming wilder than ever. His two releases in 2022 however capture him coasting off of this creative peak, but with cosigns from the industry’s biggest players (Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Uzi Vert to name a few). With now a third 2022 release, Yeat continues this successful high, but also drops inklings of what might be next to come.

Marketed as an EP, even Yeat knows this isn’t the big album he’s building too. Despite the twelve track length, he treats it as a lesser release to not disappoint. There are tracks here that are more of the same, “Up off X” sounds like it could’ve been on any of his previous albums, but the tracks that do diverge highlight that he’s far from done.

A track like “Flawless” is an immediately remarkable. It features his clearest vocal performance to date, avoiding his usual vocal hallmarks of sounding lost within the beat. This one sees him more prominent, with a massive lack of autotune than regularly. This also is supported by Uzi’s verse, where they sound as energetic as ever.

Yeat – Flawlëss (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

While “Flawless” abandons previous stylings for new, “Can’t Stop It” embraces the old & pushes them to their limits. There is a woozy feel to the track, borderline on towards the points of psychedelic rock. Hi Hats are traded in parts for a realistic sounding drum track, completely slowing down his usually fast paced approach. It features his usual flexes, but with an atmosphere like no other to back it.

These moments supported by strong tracks like “Talk” should prove, to those paying attention, he’s far from done. Not every song is his best material, but he’s giving out a solid release to appease those that are patient for the next. There’s no songs that can be called outright bad, but just more of the same. With these small gems throughout the runtime though, we can hope to see more of that direction in the future.

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