YL New Album “Don’t Feed the Pigeons” Releasing June 16th

New York native YL will be releasing a new album for 2023. Titled Don’t Feed the Pigeons, the album will release June 16th. Production will be from the likes of Roper Williams, Jonboyice, Junie, Look Damien!, Dylvinci, Grimm Doza, Zoomo & more. Features will be from ANKHLEJOHN & Starker.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. open arms (prod. jonboyice)
  2. don’t feed the pigeons (prod. roper williams)
  3. the proof (prod. roper williams)
  4. free $tacks (prod. junie)
  5. hunger games (prod. junie)
  6. all 4 you interlude (prod. look damien!)
  7. back on the wall (prod. jonboyice)
  8. more life (prod. zoomo)
  9. play dead (prod. dylvinci & grimm doza)
  10. last one standing (prod. roper williams)
  11. anti-pigeon feeling (prod. junie)
  12. versaces, not cartis (prod. eyedress)
  13. tearz (prod. jonboyice)
  14. nothing changed ft. ankhlejohn (prod. roper williams)
  15. illusions (prod. roper williams)
  16. yoke (prod. roper williams)
  17. i promise (prod. roper williams)
  18. good numbers ft. starker (prod. zoomo)
  19. dry (prod. roper williams)
  20. new day, same y (prod. dvnt) *bonus*
  21. disease (prod. laron) *bonus*
  22. just tappin in (prod. yungmorpgeus) *bonus*

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