Young Nudy – EA Monster (Review)

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The above tweet is as apt a description of what makes Young Nudy special as possible; The juxtaposition of heartless trap and horror imagery with lighthearted sounds and flows makes the Playboi Carti affiliate one of the freshest artists in the scene today. Over the last half decade, Nudy has amassed one of the strongest, most consistent discographies in trap, with a range of quality, distinct albums. Now he’s back with EA Monster, a short, sweet project which not only shows growth, but builds massive expectations for his forthcoming album.

With production largely handled by Coupe, Pi’erre Bourne, and Mojo Krazy, EA Monster immediately jumps out for its unique soundscape. Every beat is hard hitting, yet full of unusually futuristic, bubbly sound effects. For example, the distorted, quick cut synths on “No Chaser” really fit the slimy aesthetic of the cover (no pun intended), while “Impala” is a standout beat with almost alien qualities. Where Dr. Ev4l was notable for its cinematic nature, EA Monster instead goes abstract. This project features standout production even in Nudy’s strong catalog, for its commitment to a specific atmosphere and leaning a bit more aggressive than he usually goes.

“My Gang” sees Nudy going with a higher pitch on a catchy hook, while “Ready” is equally infectious despite adopting a more monotone delivery. On “Sick of Slime”, you hear a prime example of his frank street lyricism; Flowing straight across the whole track, Nudy has bars about the trap as violent and dark as anybody. You would never expect that with just surface listens or reading song titles like “Kit-Kat”.

Young Nudy x BabyDrill – Duntsane

Another standout track is the single “Duntsane”, where he trades bars with up-and-comer BabyDrill, who meets Nudy with great chemistry. There’s also “Fresh as Fuck”, which features a whirring, spooky synth which highlights his constant stream of flexes, and the obligatory food themed track that equates dead opps to lunch meat. Finally, “Project X” is a clever meeting of his debaucherous trap themes and careless mentality, equating his tough lifestyle to a party.

While Young Nudy might take some getting used to for his somewhat goofy flow and evil aesthetics, there’s no denying how prolific he has become. A beacon of artistry for Atlanta trap, EA Monster is just another notch in his belt that has hype at an all time high for whatever comes next. While Coupe is one of the hottest producers out now and everybody loves Nudy’s work with Pi’erre, one can’t help but want some more work with Metro Boomin or a collab tape with someone like 21 Savage.

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