Young Nudy – Nudy Land (5 Year Anniversary Review)

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Young Nudy has a knack for knowing exactly what to put in his projects. Five years since the release of “Nudy Land,” it almost seems to be the start of his run of albums that perfectly match their album covers. The Atlanta rapper takes you on one of the most fun rides in his discography, but never strays from the grime reality that surrounds his hometown.

With a majority of the production being handled by Pi’erre Bourne & Richie Souf, they craft a word that feels exclusively for Nudy. While Pi’erre’s work with Carti is exceptional, the overall sound he gives Nudy is much more different & unlike anything Carti would get. The beats here are much more light, with simple melodies but that usual bounce he’s known for. This all thankfully lets Nudy since through.

There are few features on here, but that also proves how well he can hold down a project on his own. Songs like “Fatsane” show how varied his flow can get from verse to verse. He finds countless pockets in all these songs, never getting tiring with his varied slang usage like on “4L Gang Shit.”

In the kitchen, Arm and Hammer, go bananas
AK47 hold this big banana
And your hoe, she wanna suck on my banana
I swear her head game is so fucking bananas

Young Nudy – 4L Gang Shit

There’s constant highlights throughout the project, “Money Makin Mitch” compares himself to the character in the movie Paid in Full. His love for movies is something apparent in all his music, and here he even name drops multiple characters throughout it. All this doesn’t take away from the fun bounciness of the track & his completely unique flow.

Many years later, this album feels more like a blueprint for later Nudy releases. The earlier Slimeball releases, as great as they are, lack the cinematic yet light feel. Everything feels like it comes together on this one, and directly influences later releases like EA Monster & Dr. EV4L. Comparing this release to later ones, you see how clear his growth has been.

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