Youngboy Never Broke Again 2022 Recap Playlist

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A relentless artist, Youngboy had an extremely exciting year just musically. Exploring all different sounds throughout different projects, he’s seemingly done it all. Four solo projects, two collaborative, and another two label projects, its been a year with a constant stream of music releasing.

Emo Rockstar [Colors]

It may not be his most exciting album instrumentally, but YoungBoy explored fame from a unique perspective. While being on house arrest & multiple beefs with other artists, he spoke on his own views of the industry throughout the album. Dealing with plenty of self-doubt & regrets, he struggles with the pressures of the business as well as staying a father in the process.

DaBaby & YoungBoy Never Broke Again – BBL [Better Than You]

While DaBaby had fallen far from grace in the eyes of many, his collaborative album with YoungBoy was an exciting one. With some of the most interesting either of them had gone over, “BBL” being the biggest highlight, the album sees both of them exploring new boundaries. A song like “HIT” sees YB playing with flows, coming close to what Playboi Carti does with his flow.

PIMPINABITCH [3800 Degrees]

Throughout his career, YoungBoy never shies from his NOLA roots. On each album, there is always one track that heavily takes from older NOLA/Cash Money era music & reapplies it to today’s sound. This time however, he dedicates the entire tracklist to this sound. The end result becomes an exciting listen, directly interpolating some Juvenile & Soulja Slim flows & songs, as well as seeing some of his most interesting storytelling yet.

Pop Out [Ma’ I Got A Family (A Gangsta Grillz Special Edition Hosted by DJ Drama)]

Showing a more melodic side to his music, YoungBoy dedicated most of the runtime of his Gangsta Grillz tape to his family. Discussing the solemn aspects of his love life, he pours his heart out on the tracks. Not only being a different project for his 2022 year, it also winded up being another black sheep in DJ Drama’s discography.

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