Zahsosaa – Forever Increasing (Review)

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Philly club’s sound has been back in full force. With the explosive record that came out with DJ Crazy, “Shake Dat,” it seems like this sound will be the one to take over social medias for the next year or so. This along with other scenes finding new life, such as Jersey Club & its slow infiltration into NY Drill tracks, or artists like Drake & Beyonce using the sounds on their most recent albums; Zahsosaa’s title of Forever Increasing is not to be taken lightly.

Featuring other Philly rappers Brill & Philly Goat Dice, the album opens with “Uckity Runners.” A subtle sample that occasionally fades in & out, with a fun drum pattern that commands you to get up & dance lets the trio add plenty of punchlines. It doesn’t serve as the best intro to Zahsosaa, but encapsulates exactly what to find in the entire scene.

That job is given to “First-Time,” which is a track that’s handled fully by Zahsosaa. The beat comes off unassumingly, but once it lets loose, Zahsosaa high-pitched soars over the commanding drum line. Despite being clearly a club hit, he still manages to spit a verse about his new girl. His ability to do these Lil Uzi Vert-esque flows over insanely fun production makes his music some of the most infectious out.

The track “One Way” is a beat that has been heard around the NY Drill scene for a minute, but in the hands of Zahsosaa, it may finally be a hit. His playful flows & women focused but money hungry lyrics bring the track all together. The beat, previously handled by Rich NuNu & Dony M, finally feels like its reach its full potential here.

Zahsosaa – OneWay

Rich NuNu x Dony M – Work

Zahsosaa’s iconic track with DJ Crazy also lands here. “Shake Dat,” featuring that Philly Club drum pattern but replacing some sounds with wild gun clicking sounds. Dsturdy assists in the track as well, but its Zah’s hook that sets it all off. With very few elements in the beat, it lets the duo completely go in & shine.

The fate of the scene is something that’ll be left for time to tell, but the light is on. With a supposed upcoming sequel to “Shake Dat” coming with Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Durk having provided a remix to a 2Rare song, everything is on the up. So many powerhouses are bringing the cosign, now is the time to follow if you aren’t already. With that, hopefully Zahsosaa brings a full album instead of his short EPs.

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