ZayBang – White Chalk (Review)

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While Lil Bean has seen plenty of success to his melodic capabilities, fellow California rapper ZayBang has been just as hard working. With the release of his newest album White Chalk, ZayBang gets some of his biggest features yet all while taking his people up with him. The San Francisco rapper’s freshest release sees him with the likes of Money Man, Babytron, and plenty of features from childhood friend Lil Bean.

On their many collaborations, you see why the duo of Lil Bean & ZayBang works so well. Take a track like “Out the Mud,” which sees the two with not only great chemistry, but with their vocal abilities in direct contrast with each other. Lil Bean’s voice soars in an empathic tonality, while ZayBang’s raspy delivery captures perfectly the feelings both of them express lyrically. Collab after collab, across the four different tracks, they match perfectly where they capture their current successes yet can recount where it all started.

Lil Bean’s style captures the more depressing side of the streets, but ZayBang embraces the grittiness. Take the opener “White Chalk,” where he fully adopts the street code to his own morality. The ideas of never speaking on previous skits & leaving women behind for the streets, its all there between his flexes of gun talk. All punctuated with the gravelly voice & clever wordplay make his songs feel effortless.

ZayBang – White Chalk

A track like “Light Money” proves he’s ready for some more mainstream stardom. Working with Money Man, who is probably the biggest feature in the tracklist, the duo play off each other creating a similar contrast to what Lil Bean can capture but in a much more fun atmosphere. Filled with NOLA bounce stabs, the most mainstream feeling without being a blatant cash-grab.

His discography runs fairly deep, especially when counting the group work of Fo15, but this album properly highlights his skills. Between his own melodic cuts like “Sweet Tooth” and potential hits, he expresses all sides of skillset without ever feeling like he’s selling out. Slowly getting higher & higher feature credits, he’ll surely reach new heights to his stardom.

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