Legendary ATL producer provides another hour of material on his new album.

Legendary ATL producer provides another hour of material on his new album.

Zaytoven has been on another legendary run for 2021. He’s released his loose tracks with rappers back onto streaming on the Lost Tapes series, he’s had multiple collabs with rappers such as Kountry Wayne, Luh Soldier, Moe and more. He’s released his tracks produced this year onto his Pack Just Landed Series. His content from this year alone spans hours, and this new project just tops it off.

His collaborations on this are expansive. There’s multiple appearances from newer trap rappers like Guap Tarantino & Luh Soldier. There’s legends such as Chief Keef and modern crunk king Duke Deuce. The album even has a feature from the elusive Jazze Pha.

All these collaborators bring the best tracks. The Duke Deuce song is a real highlight, while not the crunk sound that he has mastered, he provides a commanding melodic performance on his solo song. The Chief Keef song has triumphant horns with his new innovative rapping style, proving he does not need only Mike Will to make bangers. While there is unfortunately one Foogiano song, he proves every reason that he belongs on 1017 on his song.

Producer TraumaTone has some collaborations with Zaytoven on this album. TraumaTone has been proving himself on multiple releases, landing placements with everyone from Money Man, Curren$y to Big KRIT. Trauma’s production on this is a statement that he will be a force to be reckoned with if he’s not one already. His production breathes some life into the tracks that you don’t usually get for a full Zaytoven album.

Zaytoven’s year has been one you can only earn by being one of the best and hardest working to ever do it.

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