Zaytoven Producer Playlist 2021

Innovator of the trap scene Zaytoven has continued to work throughout 2021. Having dropped multiple projects and single tracks, we’ll recap some of the highlights here.

Migos – Roadrunner

From the beginning

We had the talent to win it

Migos would most likely not being where they are without the help of Zaytoven. Going as far back as their first big hit “Versace,” their sound together is captivating. “Roadrunner” is no exception, as Migos sound as invigorated as ever on the track. While Culture III is a mixed bag of tracks, this track is one that is a must-listen.

Belly, The Weeknd, Young Thug – Better Believe

One of Belly’s biggest songs in awhile, “Better Believe” is a star-studded track. Employing the help of The Weeknd & Young Thug, they help make the track the hit it is. The Weeknd’s performance is as a good as ever, feeling akin to his works like “King of The Fall.” Young Thug delivers a half rap and a half singing verse that works brilliantly.

Stunt (ft. Chief Keef)

On Zaytoven’s album, Chief Keef is given a solo cut. Chief Keef’s flow has evolved since his rise to fame, and this track is no exception. The horn-driven track pushes Chief Keef into one of his most triumphant feeling tracks ever. The track feels wildly different than GloToven collab, so hopefully we can see more together in the future.

Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph

R.I.P. to Flippa

On Long Live Dolph, Gucci crafts a tribute track to the Memphis legend. Gucci & Young Dolph’s relationship runs deep, so on this track Gucci recounts his memories of Dolph. The track is perfectly somber, with Zaytoven’s classic piano keys playing in the background. In a singular verse, Gucci delivers one of the saddest verse of his career.

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