A Guide to Dark Plugg

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While the plugg style of rap has seen its healthiest peak yet, spawning many subgenres such as PluggNB, it has grown far from its regional roots. Originally from Atlanta, it has spread to other areas, such as the DMV, and morphed into its own genre. Known as Dark Plugg, (or DMV Plugg, Evilplugg, to name a few), it serves as a new route for artists to express these violent lifestyles. Pioneered by rappers such as Slimesito & Fluhkunxhkos, the scene has grown large & much more minimal. Here we’ll highlight some of the artists in the scene.

Slimesito – Baliforna [Life Of a Slime]

Slimesito’s sound has grown heavily, but these tapes serve as the blueprint for the entire scene. Tracks like “Baliforna” are exactly what the scene is all about, the dark & heavy bass, a cheap sounding piano, thickly layered synths. At the front of it all is Slimesito, triplet flows highlighted by punch-ins make all his bars poignant, as he talks about his trap making moves. Born in Maryland, yet based in Clayton County, Georgia, he brings the original Plugg sound together with the DMV.

Fluhkunxhkos – Fear None [War Ready 2]

Another pioneer of the sound, Fluhkunxhkos is another rapper in the same vein as Slimesito. This track in particular captures the hectic drum patterns, fast past hi hats & snares running throughout. A member of Jurassic Park, his Atlanta based lyrics pull a new edge to the already bountiful trap scene.

Smokingskul – Do Dat

Smokingskul highlights just how far the scene can travel. From Florida, he scratches the more minimal itch to the sound. An aggressive flow from him solidifies the track that would fall apart in the hands of another person. His tracks are extremely short, rarely touching further than two minutes, being straight to the point every time.

20mop – sage mode

20mop has worked with Smokingskul, and has heavily embraced the sound. The self-production on this track proves how well he knows it, bringing a layered beat as he raps right through it. It provides direct contrast to the lush production you can find on tracks like by Tony Shhnow, and tosses that for the super distorted sound of dark plugg.


Usually behind the boards on production, SOULJASPIRITS comes forward on his own track. Incorporating some hallmarks of proto-typical trap, such as the bells & crashes, his hyper-aggressive rap style makes him hard to ignore. All bars about his trap & his guns, he proves he’s unstoppable.

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