Ace Cino & Kitchen Qleen – Mafia Kitchen (Review)

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Can someone please stop Ace Cino? Despite the burgeoning Michigan scene, Ace Cino has failed to improve. While him being self-produced is admirable, it never results in something greater. His most well-known song is a feature on a Damedot song, “Spend Some Money,” which only recieves its success because of Damedot’s talents on the mic. Tacked on is Ace Cino’s bum ass verse that adds nothing to the track. While Damedot has consistently improved from project to project, Ace Cino has not.

Damedot – Spend Some Money (ft. Ace Cino)

Ace Cino’s music result in the same tropes constantly, the Sopranos tag, Blood talk, making your money, Chi Chi. The Sopranos tags are headache inducing over long stretches of tracks, and Ace Cino’s discography runs deep as is. With this new album with Kitchen Qleen being his fifth in the year, they all blur together with the exception of this one being a collab with Bootleg RMC Mike. Neither have interesting flows or voices, and the lack of bars in a bar heavy scene makes this feel like a waste of time.

His production rarely feels like it strays from type beat status, the times they do is because of the heavy lifting done by a sample. Songs like “Petro” get close to feel like they could hold a candle to “Spend Some Money,” but the awful delivery brought by Ace Cino kill any potential. On this song in particular too, there is this horrid autotune singing that clashes with everything else. These moments are when Cino is at his worst too, “Treated” the intro track is another offender of terrible autotune brought to us by Cino.

Ace Cino & Kitchen Qleen – Treated

Nothing here is worth anyone’s time. In a scene that’s already active on a massive level, take an artist like BandGang Lonnie Bands who is also up to three projects in 2022 alone, Ace Cino’s work feels like a footnote. His contemporary Damedot’s last two albums have been over twenty tracks each amounting to over an hour, and still feel like an improvement each time. Its clear from Ace Cino’s ugly cover arts & laughably bad audio mixing that he doesn’t care, so why should we?

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