An Introduction to: Postman L

With just three albums to his name, Postman L is taking listeners to a lyrical wonderland. Originating from South Africa, he is a product of the new boom bap relativism that has been ongoing. He is a member of the Urban Basement Monk Crew; where their motto is Music is the Weapon. By the sound of his music, that’s completely true.

Spot Watchers [The Art of the Sword]

Your rhymes is polyester, mine is 911 Porsche leather

Postman L adlibs an intro before completely snapping on the track. Sounding pissed at the death of Nipsey Hussle, he takes this moment as his time to move forward with his career. His passion for the artform is immense, proving why he’s an important act in every bar. As no one understands why he is so serious with his music, that only empowers his voice.

The Letter (ft. Blaze 5th) [Caribbean Connection]

Possibly the most depressing in his discography, he sends prayer to one of his people that had passed. The choir sings throughout the track, adding to the harrowing feel. Another member of Urban Basement Monk Crew has an equally depressing verse. Pain that comes across in their voices is saddening, as anyone that has lost a loved one can relate to wanting to speak to the person once more.

My Groove (w/ Blaze 5th) [All Nite Godly EP]

On this track, the two members of Urban Basement Monk Crew trace their origins for their love of hip hop. They retouch on their love for music & the memories attached to them. It all comes from family members & the world around them, showcasing the power music can have on others. The two share similar stories, adding to their chemistry on the track.

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