An Introduction to: Premo Rice

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Outside of a few underground artists, what’s been lacking in modern hiphop is that real slick pimp. Premo Rice seems ready to take the mantle.

Hailing from Maryland but drawing influence from across the nation, Premo mixes the party and mack talk of Too $hort or Mac Dre with a lazy, confident southern sound. You must know that you aren’t getting anything particularly profound or clever, but Premo Rice brings some of the funnest raps that define the old adage: “Women want him and men want to be him”. Here we will discuss some dope projects to get you started with this bubbling star.

The Saga Continues

Some of Premo’s earliest work and arguably his best to date, The Saga Continues is notable for how well fleshed out it is. Nearly an hour long, rounded out with interludes, and varied in beat selection, this sees is the most interesting sonic representation of his themes (from subtly trappy and danceable to a modern G funk). This album also features some of Premo’s most iconic songs, such as “Right Wriss” and “Pimp Game Proper”; “Ion Want Your Phone Number” meanwhile, is the encapsulation of his player attitude. His lyricism is at its most ostentatious here, with technically simple yet evocative tales of macking. There are even subtle references and interpolations of some classic records here. This also stands as a nice introduction to frequent collaborator K!ng Joe.

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A Night at the Chateau

For fans of new school Cali artists like Lndn Drgs and Larry June (another frequent collaborator and one with a very similar vibe at that), A Night at the Chateau is a natural fit. Shorter and to the point, this album adopts the atmosphere of a late night cruise down PCH. Lyrically, you know what to expect from Premo; But that’s part of the appeal. A Night at the Chateau is great to just cut on, kick back, and see through the eyes of a G. Additionally, this album features “Silk Shit”, one of Premo’s most popular, quintessential records.

Listen to A Night at the Chateau on Spotify

Strictly for My Bitches

Further proving his love of the game and culture, Strictly for My Bitches is a much more casual, tight listen. As Premo himself raps, this one’s meant to get played at the strip clubs. Production is slower, but bass heavy and perfect to get down to. His style is applicable to all sorts of energies and sounds, but it was inevitable to hear him on some legit party music given what he talks about in nearly every bar of his discography.

Listen to Strictly for My Bitches on Spotify

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