iayze – Untold Legacy (Review)

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Fort Worth, Texas rapper iayze’s run has been quite a lengthy one for such a short period of time. With his earliest project dating back to 2019, he’s released countless project up until this 2022 release. All his projects are of varying quality, as the 19 year old rapper continues to develop his sound, but the sound throughout this project is his most ambitious work yet. While tracks like “556 (Green Tip)” have brought him new levels of fame, the sound brought forth on Untold Legacy is unlike any other.

iayze – 556 [Green Tip]

This new project builds off the sounds he pushed forth on The Leek 4, with these grandiose instrumental passages yet supported by modern production techniques. This beautifully contrasts his voice, which a much rawer & rougher sound. Using some similar inflections that can be found in artists such as Trippie Redd, although iayze’s performances are much more subdued than over-the-top, it provides perfect contrast.

With his lyrics about gun toting, cheating, & success, he takes all these elements & provides a new angle to the current landscape of today’s music. Take the track “Mind Games,” where these beautifully lush strings & synth pads build a feeling that’s otherworldly, until it eventually drops into iayze’s verse. A verse where he details his throwing away of responsibilities to spend time with a woman, and also shooting an opp. The track’s densely layered & heady feeling captures an escalating night of reckless behavior, chasing an endless high.

There never feels like there’s despair in his voice, but more jaded than anything else. A feeling of success, but what for? All the songs having this soaring feeling to them, where he feels in this constant state of elevation, just to escape everything around him. From all the fakes, all the dangers, all the traumas, get lost underneath a sea of luxurious sounds. Constantly trying to escape but can only last in these fleeting moments. Its a ride that he feels completely dedicated to taking you on, and he brings you all the way up.

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