In Memoriam: PnB Rock

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Philadelphia rapper & singer passed away due to a robbery that resulted in a fatal shooting on September 12, 2022. Coming from a rough background, with his father being murdered & having gone to jail himself, he found success in music. Finally being free of his label, he was working on an independent album that would’ve released that same Friday. With what would’ve been a proper restart of his career, he surely would’ve found a whole new world of accomplishments. Here we’ll remember some his musical hits that made him one of the most unique artists out.

PnB Rock, Kodak Black & A Boogie – Horses [The Fate of the Furious: The Album]

Easily his biggest song but captures some what made him so special. Immediately his voice is ear-grabbing & catchy as hell, playfully adlibbing along. His verses capture his sing-song rap style but there’s clear passion, and he knows when to utilize larger melodies that highlight his singing skills. Both Kodak Black & A Boogie get great features as well, but PnB is the clear star of the show.

PnB Rock – Jealous (feat. Fetty Wap) [Money, Hoes & Flows]

A song so good it winded up on both the collaborative album with Fetty Wap & RNB3. The song captures both of them at a peak, this tape came around the time of Fetty Wap’s massive radio run & this is when PnB still had a harder sound compared to what he would do later on Going Thru The Motions. PnB gets to show off his rapping skills as Fetty handles hook duty. While their entire tape together is full of potential hits, this one soars above & beyond.

PnB Rock – No Time [RNB3]

The entirety of RNB3 is without a doubt his best work. He finds a fantastic blend between rapping & singing, as well as immaculate production from now-iconic producers such as Maaly Raw. It also feels like the album that had the most amount of care put into it, as tracks like “No Time” have these deeply layered vocal performances that add a new dimension to the tracks. Goin Thru The Motions brought him his biggest hits in the mainstream, but every track on RNB3 feels like a street anthem.

PnB Rock – Intro [RNB]

RNB is his first tape, and while his singing ability is still a little rough on this one, the track “Intro” serves as a perfect introduction. He recounts his life up until this point, dealing with the death of his father & jail stints, but delivered effortlessly. Before all the fame, this is was the beginning, and what an explosion start it is.

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