January 2022 NY Drill Music Round-Up Playlist

LittleRichh – Broken Wings

While most of the scene involves yelling delivery & adlibbed namedrops, LittleRichh brings a different vibe. His delivery calm & collected, letting all his bars breathe. Yet he still delivers them at a quick pace, highlighting his realness in each bar. He brings these whistled adlibs to the track that add an eeriness to all of it.


Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” has remained iconic for years, and it continues to be on this song. Being sampled & flipped into this NY Drill cut, Bando name drops his opps on this. He doesn’t need a hook, he goes in all gas no brakes.

917 Rackz – pain only lasts a minute

917 Rackz speaks on the going at his opps without a second thought on “pain only lasts a minute.” The sample provides this heartbroken backdrop, yet 917 Rackz aggression completely envelops the listener. Its a contrast that works beautifully.

Taj Faneto x TopOpp Eli – Addicted To The Streets

Another sample drill cut, Taj Faneto & TopOpp Eli go over who they ride for in the streets. This causes them to be unable to leave, in a constant state of questioning others realness. Remembering those that passed, they continue on.

Sha Ek – Face Of The What

Going directly at Yus Gz, Sha Ek questions Yus’ claim he’s the face of the Bronx. The grandiose feel brought on by the sample only hypes Sha Ek up further. This beef seems to have brought one of Sha’s best tracks yet.

Stain Blixky – What We Doing

Riding off the hype of his newest mixtape, Stain Blixky drops the video for “What We Doing.” This track feels straight out of a mob movie with its use of the sample, but still keeps that NY Drill sound. Playing with his flow on the track, he makes for a catchy banger.

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