Key Glock – PRE5L (Review)

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On the anniversary of Young Dolph’s death, Key Glock returns with a short but all heat-filled EP. Embracing Dolph’s legacy, he aptly titles the EP PRE5L, meaning Paper Route Empire Five Life. Taking up his cousin’s mantle as the label head, his new EP takes up all the pre-established sounds of the city & the intense flows that only he can fill.

The first track here is produced by a younger legend of the city, Tay Keith. While they’ve had tracks in the past together, the soundscape here is different. Whirling synths are only grounded by those heavy Memphis drums, but as usual Key Glock raps perfectly to match the energy.

Key Glock – Jigsaw

Hitkidd also gets a production on the track “Forgive Me,” another Memphis producer who has seen newfound fame through his track with Glorilla “F.N.F.” Though the sound is much different than that track, this track using a child-like chorus, Key Glock’s voice sounds genuinely menacing against it.

One of Young Dolph’s go-to producers Bandplay gets a track in the form of “Die Trying.” A trap cut but with some jazzy horns, Glock flows in a lowkey tone but knowing danger is at every corner. Overworking is only part of the success story, as dealing with everyone else’s jealousy is another battle unto itself.

Despite working with all these different producer legends of the city he comes from, a city that already has such a specific sound, they all cater to his needs. Tay Keith has worked with plenty of mainstream legends by now, but gives Key Glock something wildly different on this project. Hitkidd just is establishing his stamp, but gives him a sound unlike either of their catalogs. Bandplay easily could’ve given one of his heavy cuts, but gave him a much more intriguing jazz style beat.

The tracklist may be short at just five tracks, but Glock not only embraces the sound of the city but pushes his own sound forward experimenting with different soundscapes. With multiple releases coming from the label seemingly every month, the label is running undoubtedly strong. Patiently awaiting a new project that pushes the entire label to the next level, at this rate, it only seems to be around the corner.

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