Money Man – Blackout (Review)

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If you ever wanted an album to feel it was a waste of your time, this is for you. Sixteen albums in, Money still fails to prove he’s doing anything new. Still sounding like a carbon copy of Future, Money Man continues to add nothing to the larger landscape of trap.

Besides sounding like a dollar store version of one of the biggest trap rappers of the past decade, Money Man’s biggest trait is pseudo-hustler music. Some people pull this off well, Nipsey Hussle being an obvious king of this lacing his music with all kinds of advice, Sauce Walka also promoting the rags to riches story in his tracks. Money Man however doesn’t give advice though, he paints the picture of being already rich, and will stay rich.

It’s not like he’s the first to do this however, Rick Ross is obviously on of the biggest abuser of this tactic. Yet Ross can get away with this off the performances, his presence & vocals on any track are commanding & draw you in even if he’s talking about some bullshit. Money Man makes it sound overly lazy though, to the point where you might think being rich kinda sucks.

Money Man – Similar

The funny thing about sounding like Future, it’s not as easy as it seems. Future’s music is layered in its execution, adding all types of vocal variations along with stories of high fashion, the trap, and drug addiction. So, when you focus on only one aspect, it all falls apart. Not being able to talk about other aspects in your music creates a feeling of being one-dimensional, which lo & behold it is.

There is hardly anything here you can call a hit. It’s like trap elevator music, stiff & robotic performances against the backdrop of lifeless beats. Even the worst rappers can get a pass on nice beats, but even that’s missing. It’s quite impressive to be so many albums deep into a career, and still have nothing of note.

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