Sauce Walka – Al Rage Walka (Review)

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Always one to experiment, from R&B to boombap to trap, Sauce Walka comes at us next with a short and sweet project full of rage beats. Rage beats, derived from hyperpop, are best known from artists like Playboi Carti, Trippie Redd, Yeat, and UnoTheActivist; High energy and synthy, with an 8 bit video game sound, they usually inspire off the wall delivery and ignorant lyrics. However, the Houston legend is able, as always, to place his own unique spin on the sound. (Additional fun fact: This project is named after Sauce’s father, the legendary wrestler Al Rage Walker.)

Rather than going crazy vocally over the beats or slurring his words heavily, Sauce mostly maintains his signature intentional southern shout on Al Rage Walka. His lyrics range from typical trap talk to more motivational business themes (reminiscent of Nipsey Hussle) or some raunchy, comedic punchlines. To hear a more traditional flow with a bit more focus on lyricism over these beats is a welcome change, since the rage subgenre might be tough to dive into for some.

Sauce Walka – What It Do

Some standout tracks include the intro “Watch Out”, which is simply a jarring way to start things off. Hearing Sauce on these beats and knowing you’re in for a whole album is a nice surprise, plus he’s really flowing on here. “All This Lean” has a really cool industrial sound to it and Sauce subtly leans into the baby voice trope. There’s also “No Wrestler”, which is so catchy and sees him getting melodic without sacrificing his writing.

Al Rage Walka could certainly be a polarizing project for fans who want him on more traditional beats, but if nothing else it serves as a fun side project while we await Sauce’s upcoming Daringer collab.

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